If anyone knows that sex sells, it’s America. Since it is accepted by most advertising firms and the general public, why do we still have such a fine line of what is considered acceptable. We are allowed to have suggestive ads in print (like the ones above), but there are still many restrictions in terms of video commercials. Unlike other countries, there are still many limits to what is allowed in terms of sexual innuendos. Included below is a cult favorite from the early 2000’s. We all know what you originally thought it was, but it is just a Korean commercial for instant udon noodles. They got you too, didn’t they; oh, those Koreans can be a handful (hahaha). The commercial went viral online before the term viral was even coined. And how could it not, it was simple, suggestive, and got me to try the product. Guess they did their research.

It is sooo good. Don’t you think?

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