One of our most important client, Drink.Eat.Play, has invited us back! This time to film the San Diego Brew Fest and San Fransisco Beer Olympics in July. We were beginning to think he didn’t like the job we did on the OC Beer Fest 2012. It’s a huge moral boost for our company. We seem to be heading in the right direction and hope to stay on course.

Whats even more exciting is that we get to road-trip it up to San Fransisco, this time a more relaxed shoot than the project we did for Nor Cal College Tour (coming soon, we promise). We’ll also be sure to take lots of pictures, and post them along the way, so stay posted.

For now, here’s an exclusive video you won’t find on our Vimeo page. This is a promo video we did for Singha while they were at the LA Beer Fest. Fun fact: this video is what actually got us signed on to do the OC Beer Fest. Cheers.