While going through my daily rounds of blogs and forums, I stumbled upon this gem on io9 (sister blog to gizmodo). What you are about to see may blow your mind.

Pixar’s DC Comics

How amazing would it be if Pixar created a DC comic related movie? Just look at some of these sketches (I’m sold). Disney currently owns Marvel Comics, which means we probably won’t be hearing anything about such a movie. But imagine it did happen, I’d be the first in line for it.

Yesterday a friend on Facebook, John La Cour, posted a short commercial video made by Coca Cola.

It’s cool to see people/companies searching for new avenues of delivering a message. I think this one is brilliant and our world could use a lot more of this; commercials that aren’t overly cheesy and speak to the human in us all. With the availability of internet some people have been disconnected from the world, but ideas like this can pull us back together.


 P.S.- (Totally unrelated to this post) For all you GoT fans, check out this find as well!

George Bush in GoT?