Information is so attainable right now, we just have to know what we’re looking for. The social digital age is upon us;  where anyone can become a hit: sharing art, music, philosophy, and of course, video. With the advancement in technology the average Joe can go out and make a video that has the potential to become viral. And as fast as it is discovered, so is true with it’s demise. Within this clutter that we mortals call the internet, there are hidden gems just waiting to be found and shared. As a viewer, I believe we have a responsibility to share these great finds. If not just for appreciation, at least to make the rest of the non-sense seem worth it to go through. As a creator, the struggle comes in creating a way to be sustainable; being able to consistently deliver a quality piece. It sounds so easy, but I’m ready for the challenge.

Here is a nice read for anyone interested in trash culture/pop-media. io9 article: golden age of trash culture

I stumbled across Swelter while making my daily run through blogs. Short and simple, it is a nice piece of work.