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I’m very excited for the NBA season to start. The Los Angeles Lakers have recently acquired two time MVP, Steve Nash. With the new addition to the team, the Lakers now have a legitimate shot. I have always been a fan of Steve Nash, he’s a great basketball player. A few years ago he teamed up with vitaminwater and became their “official” spokesman. Together they produced a few skits involving Nash and vitaminwater products. Here’s a look at a couple:

He’s a real character and I could definitely see him become a sports broadcaster after the NBA. I recently found out that he enjoys putting videos together as well, maybe that’s another reason he chose to come to LA. Most of the videos I’ve seen are parodies of upcoming films:

LA Times article about Nash’s work

Some of it is pretty funny, but I think the humor is a little difficult for me to understand. Guess that means there is plenty of room for improvement. Once again, welcome to Lakerland Steve.