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I’ve really been out of the loop with Breaking Bad. I remember when I first started watching it, I couldn’t stop (until the last four episodes of season 4). Now with Breaking Bad in its last and final season, I believe it’s time to get back in it. Part of the spark is due to all the buzz generated by my two esteemed colleagues. More recently I have been actively pursuing art pieces to decorate my room (only prints, but you have to start somewhere). Back to the spark, I stumbled across this nice piece by Tracy Tubera through Scott ‘Big Cat’ Pfaff‘s Instagram and just had to have one. But the first print set ran out…. Luckily, Tracy decided to bring out a few other color schemes for his prints and I was able to grab one of those.

We are currently working on an exciting project that will push our skills to their breaking points. Wish us luck