3 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hey! Thanks for the comment! I did not at all expect anyone to comment on my stuff haha! How’d you find my blog, out of curiosity? But totally, the T3I is a fantastic camera. Hard to beat HD footage in that portable a package. I’ve shot a lot of stuff on there, I made a short film told through stills, between the insane amount of photoshop work I did plus the shear quality of the T3I I ended up with a pretty satisfying final project that came out like this.

    • Hey Moses,
      I just stumbled across it while looking through the film category. Your video just stood out, nice photo by the way. I would really appreciate it if you could tell me the lenses you had on your shoot for the emberyville. I’ve heard a lot about the 24-70mm L-series lens from Canon and it comes highly recommended as a all around lens. Thanks a lot

  2. Thanks! I’ve been clicking through your blog as well, really digging it! The lens I used was a Tamron 28-75mm, its pretty damn awesome. The picture is crystal, and you can get a helluva zoom off it. My one complaint is that you have to get a little farther away if you want to focus on something close, but when it comes down to it its a pretty small price to pay when it comes to the quality!

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